Sitemap - 2021 - Tracking People's Daily

Holiday Priorities - State Council on Foreign Trade - Xi's History Campaign Summary - CSHR on US Democracy's Drawbacks - Xiao Pei: Self-Revolution & 'Two Safeguards' - Warning US & EU on Lithuania

Xi meets Carrie Lam - Year-end Report on Opening Up - Xi'an Lockdown - China's Aero Engine Quest - Wang Zhigang on S&T Research Priorities

Xi-Scholz Call - Statistics Supervision Guideline - Ning Jizhe on Economy - HK Election Pushback - Song Tao on Party's Diplomacy

Xi on Party's Internal Regulations - Zhong Sheng on Five-Eyes' HK Criticism - 2021 Foreign Policy - Huang Wei Fined - US Human Rights Criticism- 'Nothing Good Will Come Out of This': MoFA to Lithuania

2021 Economic Work Review - Zhong Sheng on US & International Rules - Li Shulei: Studying, Implementing Xi Thought is 'Primary Political Task' - Chinese 'Democracy' vs Western Democracy

Peaceful China - Li to CEOs: Economic Development is the 'Central Task' - FDI & Economic Data - Advance Quota for Local Gov't Bonds - Wang Yi speaks to Solomon Islands' FM

Xi-Putin Summit - Journalists Must Cultivate 脚力, 眼力, 脑力, 笔力 - Support for MSMEs - 'Crossing the Yalu River' - China-EU Roundtable - Democracy - Pandemic Diplomacy

CEWC: Stability while Making Steady Progress - Patriotism & the Blueprint for Socialist Art & Culture - Xi & Media and Opinion Work - Seizing the Democracy Narrative

CEWC Readout & Commentary - Socialist Literature and Art - Guo Shengkun on Xi Jinping Thought on Rule of Law

Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilisation - Ideological & Political Work in Universities - Han Wenxiu on New Development Pattern - Zhong Sheng on Taiwan - Democracy Summit Pushback & Human Rights

South-South Human Rights Forum - Economy Under Xi - Common Prosperity Goal - China-CELAC Declaration - Zhong Sheng on Nathan Law at Democracy Summit - Qu Qingshan on Deng's Historic Decision

Politburo Study Session on Law-based Governance - Xi on the New Development Concept - US' Olympics Boycott - Series on Moral Education - 协 & Xi's Economic Thought

Politburo Meeting on Economic Work - 20th Party Congress Election - Xi Jinping Economic Thought - He Lifeng on Economic Policy - Adhere to Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy

Religious Work Conference - Spirit of Entrepreneurship - Wang Yi's East Asian Diplomacy - Zhong Sheng on US' 'War Addiction' - Zhou Shanshan on 国之大者

Religious Work Review - Understanding China Conference - BRI's Transport & Connectivity Gains - Xiao Jie on Development Direction

Ideological & Political Education - Guo Shengkun on Safe China - State Council on Vocational Skills & SME Payments - China-CELAC Political Parties Forum - 6the Plenum Propaganda - ROK Diplomacy

China-Cyprus Ties - Li-Mishustin Meeting - What Xi wants from the Youth - Chen Xi on Building a Team of High-Quality Cadres

Xi's FOCAC Speech - Vocational Skills Training for Common Prosperity - Li's AALCO Speech - Zhang Youxia on PLA after the 6th Plenum - China-Russia Energy Cooperation

Xi @ Military Talents Conference - Outreach to DPRK, Vietnam, Laos & Cuba's Ruling Parties - Yang Xiaodu on Self-Revolution & Strictly Governing the Party - CCP the Inheritor Ancient Economic Thought

PLA's Talent Work under Xi - Yang Jiechi on Post-6th Plenum Foreign Policy - Li attends SCO & ASEM Meetings - China's Development Offers Others a Path - Why 'The Battle at Lake Changjin' Succeeded

Science-Tech System Reform Plan - Party's Control over Education - Elderly Care Guideline - State Council on Local Gov't Bonds - 6th Plenum Propaganda - Li Hongzhong: It's all about Xi as the Core

China-ASEAN Ties - Li Talks to Provincial Governors - PLA, CPPCC Discuss 6th Plenum - Provincial Secretaries & 6th Plenum Spirit - CPC Outreach to South Asian Left Parties - Xi Thought on Rule of Law

BRI's Future Direction - Wang Yi on US & Taiwan - Huang Kunming: Xi Thought is Key at Home & Revitalising World Socialism

Politburo on National Security - Xi Thought at Heart of 20th Party Congress Election - 8 Years of BRI - Wang Yi warns Japan's FM - Ding Xuexiang on Ideals, Beliefs and Xi's Core Position

History Resolution Drafting Details - China-Israel Ties - Re-lending Plan for Coal - Stable, Safe Energy Supply a 'Precondition' for Low-carbon Transition - Zhao Leji on 6th Plenum & Self-Revolution

History Resolution - Xi's Explanation - Biden-Xi Meeting - Chinese Scholars on US-China Ties - 6th Plenum & Political Party Building - Maintaining the Core is 'Top Priority'

Xi in Qiushi on Arming the Party with Marxism - Establishment of Xi as Core and Xi Thought's Guiding Position is of 'Decisive Significance' - Economic Data - UFWD Chief on 6th Plenum Spirit

6th Plenum Spirit - Xi's APEC Speech - Cadres Should Pursue 无我 - Pan Dongsheng, an Exemplar - Liu Jianchao on Taiwan & Rules-based Order

6th Plenum Editorial - Provincial Secretaries back Xi's Leadership - Common Prosperity an 'Ancient Ideal'

Sixth Plenum Communique Endorses Xi's New Era

China-US Ties - Xi's Speech to APEC CEOs - What does Common Prosperity Imply? - Sci-Tech Cooperation Contradictions - Essay by Hou Yanqi

Xi Thought on Rule of Law - Trade Data - Ma Jiantang on Common Prosperity's Policy Implications - Superiority of the Chinese System

国之大者 on Xi's Mind - Wang Yi on China @ UN - Rejuvenation an 'Irreversible Historical Process' - Key Choices: Community of Common Destiny

6th Plenum Curtain Raiser - Key Choices: The Anti-Corruption Campaign - Xi Thought on Rule of Law Review - Pollution Control Guideline - New Book on Xi's Discourses - Journalism Awards

Xi's CIIE Speech - Key Choices: China's Regional Development Strategies - Yangtze River Delta strategy - COVID-19 & the Olympics

Xi's 'Extraordinary' Vision & Leadership in Devising the New Development Pattern - China's Sci-Tech Drive - Li: No More Vanity Projects - Improve Basic Economic System for Common Prosperity

'People’s Leader' Xi's Poverty Alleviation Campaign - Li on Supporting Market Entities - Wang Huning on Learning from Revolutionary History - Economic Shake-up Underway - Qu Qingshan on Xi's Diplomacy

Xi's Command of COVID-19 'People's War' - 'Time and Momentum': China's Economic Development Review - Xi's COP26 Speech - Zhong Sheng on US Intelligence Report on COVID Origins

G20 Summit - Xi's in Qiushi on Ideals and Beliefs - Xi's Core Status = Party's 'Common Will' & 'Inevitable Choice' - Wang-Blinken Meeting - Ren Lixuan on Xiaokang

Li @ EAS - Common Prosperity: There are no Free Lunches - 'Supreme Leaders' Guide PRC-DPRK Ties - Zhong Sheng Commentary Against Taiwan's IO Engagement - Wang Yi Wants Neighbours to Work with Taliban

Xi's Tech Focus for Self-reliance & Self-strengthening - Xi's Calls with Macron & Imran - Li's ASEAN Pitch - China's Afghan Policy - Understanding 'Seeking Truth from Facts'

Xi on PRC@UN - SoEs & Innovation - Financial Street Forum Highlights - NPCSC Legislative Affairs Committee on Rule of Law - Wang Yi meets Mullah Baradar in Doha

Carbon Peak and Neutrality - Guo Jiping on China's World Order Vision - Liu He on Confidence in China's Economy - Small & Micro Loans at RMB 18.6 Trln

Green Development Guideline - Pacific Islands Diplomacy - Criticising EU Parliament on Taiwan Report - CBRC shares Banking Sector Data - SAMR Chief on Future anti-Monopoly & Unfair Competition Action

Xi's Long March Story - Li Preps for Coming Winter - Liu He on Financial System & Property Sector - FDI into China at $134.7 billion

Xi on Digital Economy Development - Li on Mass Entrepreneurship - Guo on Monopoly & Unfair Competition in Financial Sector - New Party Chiefs in Yunnan & Guangxi - Wang Yi on Xi's Thought on Diplomacy

History Resolution at 6th Plenum - Li-Merkel Chat - Zunyi Conference Spirit - Zhong Sheng on AUKUS & Quad - New Party Chiefs for Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan & Tibet

Xi on Archeology - Poverty Alleviation Spirit - Xi's Ecological Civilisation Thought > Western Theories - Common Prosperity & Tertiary Distribution

Xi on China's Democracy - Li on CPTPP + He Wants Foreign Investment in R&D - Academic China Forum - Conference on Policies for Ageing Population

Xi Chats with 'Old Friend' Merkel - Financial Institutions Inspections - Briefing on Energy Supply Situation - Foreign Trade up 22.7% - Guo Shengkun wants Loyal Lawyers -Fu Ying on China's Image

Xi & COP15 - 'Whole-Process Democracy' - Vocational Education - Common Prosperity = Rich Pockets + Rich Minds - PLA's Ideological Education - Wang @ G20 on Afghanistan - Guiding China's Historians

What is Common Prosperity? - Li on Energy Challenges - China-EU Environment & Climate Dialogue - Flooding in Shanxi & Shaanxi - The Taiwan Question

Standards Plan - SoEs as 'Red Engines' - Xi Thought in Textbooks - Cybersecurity Work Overview - Blockbuster Praise - 1911 Revolution Speech Commentary

Part III: Xi Thought Q&A Series: The Full Collection

Li Keqiang's National Day Address - Xi's Qiushi Article on 'Continuing Red Blood' - Charges against Sun Lijun & Yin Jiaxu -

Politburo Session on Biosecurity - China-EU Strategic Dialogue - Shanghai's High-Tech Goals - Medical Security System During 14-FYP - NDRC on Power Cuts - Hailing China's COVID-19 Strategy

Part II: Xi Thought Q&A Series: The Full Collection

Xi's Talent Agenda - Martyrs & Heroes - Prosperity Journey White Paper - Defending Anti-Monopoly Policies - 'Cross-Strait Situation Remains Grim'

Xuānyán Article: Xi's 20th Party Congress Pitch - Xi Thought: Democratic Centralism's the System, but Xi's the Maestro - Integrating Socialist Values with Rule of Law - Quad Reaction

Meng Return Commentary - Xi on 1992 Consensus - Inspection of Financial Institutions - Xi & Liu on Wuzhen Conference - Xuānyán Article - Xi Thought: Why Xi Deserves to be the 'Core' & Two Safeguards

San Nong Focus - Wang Yi on Afghanistan - Qin Gang on Ideological Confrontation - P5 FMs Meet - Xi Thought: Party is Mìng Mén, But Xi's Rule Unlike Mao's & Constituents of Party Leadership System

New Infrastructure Development Plan - IPR Guidelines - Rural Rejuvenation - Xi Thought: BRI & Emphasising Importance of Party Leadership - China-Pak-Russia Envoys in Afghanistan

Xi's UNGA Speech - Supervising the Supervisors - Marxist Colleges - Xi Thought: Hegemony & Major Power Diplomacy - Why US' Trade-Tech War Isn't Working

Festival Break: Thinkers Dialog, Rethinking Chinese Politics and EU's IP Strategy

Xi on Space Power - China's Afghan Quartet - Wang Yi-Jaishankar Meet - Xi Thought: SARs & Community of Common Destiny - US the 'Greatest Destroyer of World Peace' - Services Trade - FDI Data

Shaanxi Tour - State Council on Medical Insurance - Yang Jiechi to US Parties: Correct 'Wrong China Policies' - Wang Yi in Seoul - Xi Thought: PLA's Missions, Taiwan Policy & One Country Two Systems

Building a Cyberspace Civilisation - Xi Thought: A World-Class PLA & Party's Control Over PLA - Wang meets Singapore's Lee - Student Loans - Economic Data

Xi's Letter to Border Troops - MIIT's High-Tech Ambitions - High-Rise Restrictions - Wang Yi on SCS Code of Conduct - Xi Thought: Political Security, Black Swans & Grey Rhinos

Ecological Compensation Mechanism - Why Nice Guys are Dangerous - Xi Thought: Strict Governance for Beautiful China & the Overall National Security Concept

BRICS Summit - Afghan Neighbours Statement - Zhong Sheng on HK Alliance Arrests - Xi Thought: Green Development - Biden-Xi Call - Greater Mekong Subregion Meeting

Optimising Business Environment - Bribery Crackdown - Warning Gaming & Streaming Cos - Xi Thought: Fengqiao Experience - Yangtze River Sand Mining Crackdown - Afghanistan Neighbours Meeting

Soothing Nerves amid Regulatory Storm - Xi Speaks to Draghi & Rahmon - Xi Thought: Virtue Cultivation via Education & Public Welfare in Health - Xinhua Party Secretary on National Rejuvenation

Five New Generals - WTC Gets New Chief - Qianhai Zone Plan - Rectification of Political & Legal Affairs Cadres - Xi Thought: Discourse Power & Livelihood Priorities

Hengqin Cooperation Zone - Universities' Inspection Report: Expect Tougher Rectification - Organisational Line on Reds vs Experts - BSE Details - Xi Thought: Socialist Art & Internet as 'Battlefield'

Beijing Stock Exchange - Jiang Chunyun's Funeral - Kerry Meets Han & Yang - EU-Taiwan Report Pushback - Xi Thought: Media Control & Culture - Propaganda Dept on Entertainment Sector Crackdown

Xi to Cadres: Gear for Struggle - Supporting MSMEs & Students - Xi Thought: Pandemic Spirit & Saying No to Universal Values - Wang-Kerry & Wang-Bonne Chats - New Proposal on Online Rumours

Politburo Meeting - Xi's Gala Time - Subsidised Housing - Afghanistan Policy - Xi Thought Series: Marxism & the New Generation

Tougher Anti-Monopoly Policies - Xi Thought: Deliberative Democracy & Cultural Confidence - Online Gaming Restrictions - Employment Plan - Covid Origins Probe Demand

Ethnic Affairs Conference - Wang-Blinken Call - Covid Origins Report - Xi Thought: China's Socialist Democracy - SoE Profits

Hebei Visit - 'Correct Path' in Ethnic Policies - Curbing the 'Two Highs' - Party 'Missions & Contributions' - Xi Thought: Dual Circulation & Political System - US's Democratic Transformation Failure

Hebei Visit - Xi-Putin on Afghanistan - PAP Flag Anniversary - Ethnic Minority Policies - Xi Thought: Regional Development & Rural Revitalisation - Zhong Sheng on Afghanistan - COVID-19 Origins

Xi's Ethnic Policies - Li on Developing the Northeast - Yang Jiechi at BRICS Security Talks - China-Turkey Partnership - Xi Thought: Public & Private Sector + Core Technology Research - A New Struggle

Foreign Trade = 180mln Jobs - China-Africa Space Ties - Xi Thought: High-Quality Growth & Supply Side Structural Reform - H2 Economic Direction - Cross-cycle Adjustments - Uphold Xi's Core Position

Cadre Management - Xi Thought Series: Socialist Basic Economic System - Daqing Spirit - Smart Cars Guidelines - China-Arab States Expo

Xi Thought Q&A Series: The Full Collection

Party Control in Tibet - Li in Henan - China & Arab States - Wang's 'Three Whethers' on Afghanistan - US & Human Trafficking - Xi Thought Series: Party's Approach to Deal with Corruption

Xi Calls Iran & Iraq - China on Taliban's 'Positive Signals' - Wang 'Appreciates' Dasu Attack Probe - Xi Thought Series: Party Discipline & Caging Power - Gig-Economy Workers' Rights

Common Prosperity & Financial Risks - Protecting Critical Information Infrastructure - Xi Thought Series: Loyal, Clean and Responsible Cadres & Formalism and Bureaucracy - NDU on Defense Modernisation

New Xi Books - State Council on Covid, Disasters, Employment & Commodities - Wang Lectures Blinken - Demand-Supply Gap in Employment - Xi Thought Series: ‘low-level red’ & ‘high-level black'

Party's Political Construction - Xi Thought Series Emphasises Party's Revolutionary Nature - Lei Feng Spirit - Yasukuni Shrine Controversy - US & COVID

Xiaokang & Human Rights - Endorsing Pak Terror Attack Probe - Party & Rule of Law - Governing by Constitution vs Constitutionalism - Frontier Work Assessment - Heilongjiang Flood

Rule of Law Guideline - SCS Commentary - Xi Thought on Socialist Rule of Law - Beijing's High-speed Test Zone for Autonomous Vehicles - XPCC Spirit - One-China Principle

First Secretaries - Lithuania Tensions - US' 'Underlying Diseases' - Xi Thought on Economic Globalisation & Rule of Law

Korean War Spirit - Pudong's Innovation Development - Reform 'Promoters & Doers' & the Three Distinctions - 热地Essay on Tibet's Future

Olympics Success - Zhong Sheng: Asia Doesn't Need a 'Teacher’ or ‘Saviour’ - New Era Reform Needs Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones & Top-Level Design

Origin-Tracing Propaganda - Taiwan Arms Sales - Reform and Opening Up - Pandemic Containment - Vaccine Diplomacy - H1 Economic Situation - Preparing for Struggles

Reform & Opening Up - Chinese Modernisation vs Western Capitalist Modernisation - Why China Still Enjoys Strategic Opportunities? - 7 Sins - Grievances over HK - Covid Control Must be 'Top Priority'

Inner-Party Regulations - Services Trade - Patriotic Education in Tibet - China's Democracy - the 'Seven Deadly Sins' of the US Alliance System

Supervising Procuratorial Organs - Commentary on H2 Priorities - Zhong Sheng: Biden's China Focus 'Misguided' & Owing to Domestic Compulsions - Xi Thought Series - China's 'Socialist Democracy'

Xi's Fujian Years - Self-reliance in the New Era - Xi Thought Series: People are 'Heroes,' But it's the Party in Charge - Zhong Sheng: US Practicing 'Tracing Terrorism'

New Xi Book - H2 Economic Priorities - Building a 'Public Health Protection Net' - US' '3 Sins' - China's Covid-19 Proposal - China-Russia Media Partnership & Military Drills - Persisting with Marxism

Manufacturing's Digital Transformation - New Measures to Support R&D - Wang Meets Taliban - SCO Defense Ministers' Meeting - Xi Thought Series: Expect More Ideological and Political Tests

Xiaokang Timeline - Population Policy of 'Strategic Importance' - Zhong Sheng: Biden's Policy = Trump's Policy - Persisting in Social Revolution

Li on Flood Control - Services Negative List - US-China Talks - China's Two Lists for US - Zhong Sheng Commentary: America is Back = America First - Four Self-Confidences - Marxist Party Building

Scientific Socialism - Soviet-era Spirit - Zhong Sheng Commentary on 'Political Virus' - Mobilising Grassroots Organisations in Henan

Xi's Tibet Visit - Central Regions Development - China's Latin American Diplomacy - Telling the Party's Story - Understanding the Principal Contradiction

Ending the 'End of History' - CCP Success a 'Reference Point' for Others - Henan Floods - Financial Sector Opening - Wang's Mideast Tour

Three-Child Policy - Xi's 'Visionary' Thought - Li Keqiang on Core Technologies - Cyber Attacks Pushback - Zhong Sheng Criticism of US on COVID-19

COVID Origins Friction - Xi Thought a 'Strategic System to Guide China' - History & Loyalty in Ren Zhongping Commentary

Xi Thought is 'Guiding Ideology' - Feature on PLA's Galwan 'Martyr' - Wang's Middle East Diplomacy - Party Building in Pvt Enterprises

Qiushi on July 1 Speech - H1 Economic Data - Pudong New Area Plan - Afghanistan and SCO - Carbon Trading Market - US Jet in Taiwan - Wang Yi on Russia Ties

State Council Wants Local Govts to Tighten Belts - UFWD Meeting on Development - Wang Yi at SCO - India-China Talks - Pakistan 'Attack'

Xi Talks to Zelensky & Erdogan - Foreign Trade - Afghanistan's Impact on C. Asia - July 1 Speech & Xi's 'Major Theoretical Innovation'

Ideological & Political Work Guidelines - H1 Trade Data - SCS & Winning the 'Strategic Initiative' - Vaccines Deal with GAVI

Grassroots Governance - Apple Daily - United Front Work - Legal System with Chinese Characteristics

Xi's Tech Focus - PLA Must Study July 1 Speech - Chinese Media's Social Responsibility Performance - Zhong Sheng Commentary on HK

Xi Thought Center on Ecology - Xi Talks to Greek and Czech Leaders - State Council on Medical Insurance, Workers Rights and Real Economy - 'Ironclad' Ties with Pak - Party's 'Spiritual Construction'

Xi's Speech to Political Parties - 'Shelving Disputes' for Progress - Securities Crackdown - Sinicization of Marxism

Xi Talks to Macron & Merkel - 'People’s Democracy' - WTC's Xu Qiling Promoted - Party Studies July 1 Speech - Economic Development & Road Ahead

Food Security - Xiaokang - Politics First in Party Building

It's all about Xi's Centenary Speech

Centenary Editorial - Party Membership Breakdown - Xi's Foreign Policy - 'People's' History

Centenary Celebrations - The July 1 Medal - Xi's 'Historic Achievements' - 'ABCDE' of the CCP Model

China-Russia Joint Statement - Party Line on 1962 War & Tiananmen - 18 Key Xi Thought Centers - The Qualities Xi Wants in Cadres

Centenary Preparations - Xi's Rénmín Lǐngxiù - Historical Timeline - Ren Zhongping on Party Defying Naysayers - CCDI Data

Human Rights White Paper - Xi-Vucic Talks - CPPCC's Propaganda Work - CMC on Party History - China-Russia Friendship 'Unbreakable' - Wang Xiaohong on 'Invisible Risks' & 'Political Security'

Xi's Space Chat - BRI Vaccine Initiative - SCO Meeting - Human Rights Contestation - More of Ren Lixuan on Popular Legitimacy - Recapping Major Power Diplomacy Under Xi

Youth & Grassroots - Xi's letter to International Students - Li on Western Development - Xinjiang Tussle at UNHRC - Ren Lixuan Commentary on Ensuring People's Support

Xi's Diplomacy - CPPCC on Policy Priorities - Highways of Development - the Original Aspiration - Pak Analyst on US' Afghanistan Withdrawal - Wang-Di Maio Talks

Fingertip Formalism - FDI Remains Strong - European Business Confidence in China - Ties with DPRK - Emphasising Performance Legitimacy & Party's 'Spiritual Bloodline'

Xi's Museum Visit & the Red Bloodline - Pakistani Parties Congratulate CCP - State Council's Grain Subsidies - Building Low-Cost Rental Housing - Party Committees in Enterprises

Party Regulations in Xi's Era - May Economic Data - Rule of Law Propaganda Plan - ASEAN Defense Ministers Plus Meeting - Criticising 'small circles' & 'group politics' & Technology Self-Reliance

Xi's Article on History in Qiushi - Sri Lankan Parties Celebrate CCP Centenary - Normalising the Fight against Gangs - Technology Self-reliance - G7, NATO & More

Protecting Rights & Interests of Military Personnel a 'Major Measure' - Achieving Technology Self-reliance - Zhong Sheng Commentary on US-Taiwan Vaccine Diplomacy

Gas Explosion in Shiyan - Dragon Boat Patriotism - Xinjiang Push in Japan - G7 Communique

New Ant-Sanctions Law - Rectification Campaign Data - Pursuing 'Self-Revolution' - Hambantota Energy Deal

Xi's Qinghai Visit - Li on Investment Plans - Wang Warns ROK on 'Indo-Pacific Strategy' - How does one 'inherit the red gene'?

Trade Data - China-CEEC Expo - Anti-Sanctions Law - ILD Chief on Foreign Work

Marxist System & Chinese Exceptionalism - Wang wants ASEAN to Push 'Asian Values' - 'Political Microbes' & Self-Revolution

'Peaceful Development' Redux - Party History Narrative - Tibet Media Junket

Strengthening Organisational Work - More on Supervising 'Leading Officials' - Li's Nationwide Call on Market Entities - 'CIA-izing' the Origin Probe

Xi on Discourse - Taming 'Top Leaders' - BRICS FMs Meeting - Corruption Remains 'Severe & Complex' Challenge - Wang meets Hungary FM

Three-Child Policy - Xi & Kids - Lab-Leak Theory as 'Nonsense' - China's Human Rights Discourse

Xi ≈ Mao - Yan'an Spirit - Li's Green Development Pitch - Wang's European Diplomacy

Xi's Rule of Law Thought - 'Inhumane' American Democracy - Red Footprints & the 'Two Musts' - Carbon Peak Leading Group Meeting - China-US Trade Talks

Xi's Calls Nepal, Spain & Montenegro - Li on Supporting MSEs - US Democracy & Inequality - CPEC - Backing Reform & Opening Up

Four Histories Propaganda, One-China Principle, Yimeng Spirit & China-model Promotion

Xi's Diplomacy, Zhao Kezhi on Defending 'the Core', Rekindling the Lei Feng Spirit, & the CCP Rule as 'Historical Inevitability'

Red Genes & Footprints in Hunan & Yang Jiechi heads to Russia

Gangs & 'Evil' Forces, Tibet White Paper, Employment Pressure, China-Pak Ties a 'Precious Treasure,' & 'Little Red Preachers' of the Long March

Tightening on Commodities - Xi & Putin on Nuclear Energy - Wang Yang & You Quan on Ethnic Work - Israel-Palestine Tensions

IP Governance - Ecological Civilisation - Gutian Conference - US Gun Control Failures

April Economic Data, Cracking down on 'Evil Forces' at Grassroots, Wang Yi talks to Afghan FM & China's Social Scientists on Xi Thought as 21st Century Marxism

Xi's 'Red Footprints' - 国之大者 - Learning from Zhou Enlai - Wang's Mideast Proposals - China's 5G Expansion

FDI Inflow, Xiaomi & Huawei, & Ecological Civilisation

Politics First in Cadre Selection, Economic Support Policies Extended, Xi's Thought & Foreign Affairs, BRI News Network, Afghan Withdrawal Criticism & Ren Lixuan on China's 'New Journey'

Ageing China - Ren Lixuan on Dual Circulation - Wang Yi's Central Asian Diplomacy

Boosting Chinese Brands - Drug Supervision - Real Estate Speculation & Ren Lixuan on New Development Concept

Xi's New Development Stage, Evaluating Party Secretaries, & Pessimism over Afghan Withdrawal

Xi Works the Phones - Li on Food Security - Hitting Back at the G7

Li Dazhao & Wang Jinmei - Shandong Secretary Praising Xi - G7 on China

China's UNSC Priorities - Philippines Row - ACFTU's Political Loyalty & Priorities

Xi & the Youth - Tripartite Cooperation in CPEC - China-Russia Ties

Xi's Youth Agenda - Veterans Propaganda Campaign - Vacuous Vaccine Rhetoric

Space Ambitions - Xi's Marxism - China-Sri Lanka Defense Ties - New Laws - Maternal and Child Health Improvement

Yang Jiechi on US Ties - Li-Merkel Talks - Xi Invokes Long March - Inspections at Universities - Youth League's Perspective

Xi's Guangxi Tour - South Asian Diplomacy - 2020 Propaganda Appraisal - Marxism and socialism winning the systems contest

Anti-espionage work - Laws on Land Borders, Data Protection & PLA's Honour - Criticising 'hegemonic bullying' of Russia - Cultivating 'historical thinking' ability

New Warships - Intellectual Property - Social Security & the Yan’an spirit

Climate Summit - Party Building in Universities - Strategic Competition Act

Li Promises Fiscal Support, PD's Rectification Report, Historical Narrative, Yunnan's Security Perspective

China-Russia Axis - Wang Qishan's Bo'ao Appearance - Rule of Law Session for NPC Deputies

Xi's Bo'ao Speech, Technology, the Tsinghua visit & Competing Visions of International Order

PLA's History Education - Fukushima Plan Criticism - MIIT's Blueprint - Building 'World Class' Universities

National Security & HK, China's Fukushima Proposal, Flood Preparedness, & Debt and Housing Market Risks

Party's Approach to Overall National Security, Inner Mongolia's Autonomy & Fukushima Wastewater Controversy

Tech Rectification, Trade Data, Taiwan Tensions, Party's Ideology Think Tank Chief's Historical Narrative

History Campaign, Ant's Rectification, Platform Governance, Anti-Corruption, Zhong Sheng on 'Interventionist' US Foreign Policy

Centenary Publicity Campaign, Li Speaks to Entrepreneurs & Party's Comprehensive Governance

East-West Collaboration, Deep Dive into the New Development Concept & More Human Rights Pushback

Xi-Merkel Talk, PLA Political Education, Modern Industrial Supply Chain, Human Rights Pushback

Poverty Alleviation White Paper, Political-Legal Rectification Campaign, US' Human Rights

Building a Rule of Law Culture, Japan-China Dialogue & Marxism's Guiding Position

Remembering Martyrs & Wang Yi's East Asian Diplomacy

Chen Yixin on Xi Jinping Thought on Rule of Law

Easing SoE Burden, Dissing Biden's Infra Plan, China-Malaysia Talks

Why Xi Wants the Party to Study History

Wang's Mideast Trip, Cultural Relics, HK Amendments, Socialist Political Economy

Criminal Gangs & Protective Umbrellas, Xi-Rajapaksa Talk, History & China-Arab Data Security Initiative

Political Police Force, New Rules for Leading Cadres & Whose 'Democracy' is better?

Fujian Tour, China-US Ties, Human Rights & H&M Controversy

Xi's 1 in 100, US Human Rights Report, Expect Tougher Tibet Policy

Centenary Celebrations, History & Technology, Sanctions & China-Russia talk Global Governance

New Rural Development Goals, Lavrov's Visit & EU Sanctions

Keeping Local Leaders in Check - New Development Concept & Rule of Law Agenda

Sparring in Anchorage - Praising Xi for Reform - Revenue & Bond Data - 2035 Outline Assessment - HK Policy Defense

Xi's Bangladesh Speech - Xinjiang Policy - Zhong Sheng on US Sanctions - Alaska Meeting Preview

Xi's Caribbean Diplomacy - 2021 Economic Data - Party History Texts - Human Rights Push

Army Discipline Regulations - Doubling Down on HK Changes

Li's Presser - HK Election Changes - Importance of 'political judgment, understanding and execution'

CPPCC Session Ends with Call to Unite Behind Xi

Breakdown of China's Central and Local Governments' Budgets 2020-21

Xi on PLA's combat readiness

NPC Plenary & HK Electoral Changes

Breakdown of Li Keqiang’s Government Work Report

Xi's Qinghai Meeting - HK Electoral Changes - Wang Yi's Presser

The Pangong Tso Disengagement

Biden-Xi Niú Year Call & BBC Tuned Out

Xi's New Year Speech hails 'major achievements'

China-CEEC Summit - WHO Probe - Party Veterans' Endorsement

Wang-Borrell Chat, China-CEEC Meeting, Inspections & Why Ideology Matters

Information Warfare, High Standard Market System & National Security

China-Russia Axis, Xi's Diplomatic Thought & Maritime Talks with Japan

Patriotic Youth, Preparing for RCEP & the Party's History

Supervising Elections - Yang's Speech on US Ties - Vaccine Diplomacy

Boosting consumption, sovereignty & ruling HK

Xi talks about making China a big IP creator

Party's Political Construction, Historical Nihilism, PLA Rank System

Governing HK, Overall National Security, Ideology & Rule of Law

Tackling the 'Four Winds'

Davos Speech, Guiding Students Abroad & Strategic Goal of Anti-Corruption Work

Discipline, Davos & Deep Dive into PLA's 2027 Goals

Biden & Core Interests, Anti-corruption Crackdown, & Navigating 'instability and uncertainty'

2022 Olympics, Sanctions & Maritime Police Law

Davos, United Front Meeting & China-Russia Ties

CCP Centenary Propaganda Kicks Off

Wang Yi's Take on China-S.E. Asia Ties

A breakdown of People's Daily's weekday editions