Sitemap - 2022 - Tracking People's Daily

Building Data Systems - Xi Speaks to German President - COVID Situation - Wang Yi Speak to France's Colonna

Understanding China's Economic Development Trend - Xi's New Qiushi Article - Zhong Yin Commentary on COVID Policy Shift - 45 Advanced Mfg Clusters - ICFA's Karnataka Chapter & CCP Influence

Praising Xi's Economic Policies - Ren Zhongping Eulogises COVID Policies - Detailed Breakdown of the New Guideline for Expanding Domestic Demand - Podcast on China's Engagement in Indian Subcontinent

Reviews of Xi's Mideast Trip - Ren Ping Article: Setbacks haven't Hurt Endogenous Power of China's Economy - China-ROK FM's Meeting - Xie Feng Meets US Diplomats - Yi Gang on China's Financial Sector

Jiang Zemin's Final Farewell - Li Qiang on Expectations from ACFIC - 仲音 Commentary: Be Responsible for Your Own Health

Xi's GCC & Arab States Summit Speeches - China-Arab States' 8-Major Joint Actions

China-KSA Ink 34 Deals - Xi's Bilateral Meetings in KSA - Li Meets WB, IMF, WTO & OECD Chiefs - Xi & the 8-Point Regulations - COVID Policy Defense & Challenges

BRI, GDI & GSI in Focus as Xi Visits KSA - Politburo Emphasises Stability in Economic Policy - Li Meets Russia's Mishustin - Zero-COVID Endgame - Wang Yi Warns Japan on Taiwan - New Provincial Chiefs

Jiang Zemin's Funeral - BRI & China-Portugal Ties - Downgrading the Omicron Threat - Zero-COVID's Endgame

Inherit Jiang's Legacy, Uphold Xi's Thought - Shenzhou-14 Mission Concludes - Easing of Zero-COVID Policy - China's Human Rights Rationale

Xi Meets Charles Michel - Jiang Zemin's Funeral Preparations - Sun Chunlan: Pathogenicity of Omicron Weakening - Dai Houliang on Energy Security - Developing Countries Think Tank Forum

'The Ship of Dreams Needs a Helmsman' - 仲音 Commentary Backs Dynamic Clearing - China-Mongolia Ties - Li Keqiang Speaks at Key China-Japan Forum - Huang Shouhong on 2035 Goals

Protests & COVID Policy - 10 Years of the 'China Dream' - New Party Secretaries for Shaanxi & Liaoning - Wang Yi Meets Igor Morgulov

CPPCC Studies 20th Congress Spirit - Software & IT Service Industry Data - Sun Chunlan's Chongqing Visit - Zhong Sheng on South China Sea - Liu Haixing on China's National Security Work

State Council on Support for Q4 - Building IPR Power - 仲音 Stresses the 'Four Earlys' - China-Japan Maritime Talks - Guo Shengkun on NatSec System & Capabilities - Digital Infrastructure in Bangladesh

COVID Outbreaks 'Grave & Complex' - Chen Xi on Building High-Quality Cadres Team - 20th Party Congress Propaganda across Armed Forces - China & US Defense Chiefs Meet - Policing in Pacific Islands

Special Podcast on Australia's Indo-Pacific Policy

Wrapping up Xi's Bali & Bangkok Visits - Hospital Resources & Zero-COVID Policy - Xia Baolong on One Country, Two Systems - He Junke on the Struggle Facing China's Youth

Xi's Address to APEC CEOs - Xi Meets Leaders of Japan, Singapore & Philippines - China's Evolving COVID Policy - Jan to Oct FDI Data - Graduate Employment

China-Indonesia Ties - Xi Meets Meloni & UNSG - The Missing Sentence: 'Today’s Era Must Not be of War' - Chinese Analysts on Xi-Biden Talks - 仲音: Dynamic Clearing Most Economical & Effective Strategy

GDI Pitch at G20 - Xi Meets Leaders in Bali - Economic Data - Wang on Russia's 'Rational and Responsible Attitude' on Nuclear Weapons - Zhong Sheng on US Ties - Chen Wenqing on Political & Legal Work

Xi-Biden Meeting - Ukraine War: China & US Oppose Nuclear Threats - China's NEV Sector Booming - 仲音 Commentary: COVID Policy Changes Not a Relaxation of Dynamic Clearing

Li @ East Asia Summit - New Party Chiefs for Beijing & Fujian - Biden-Xi Meeting - Data on China's 'Little Giants' - 仲音 Commentary on COVID Policy - He Lifeng on High-Quality Development

PBSC Discusses Covid Policy - Ministry of Finance Front-loads Some 2023 Spending - Li Shulei's Zhejiang Visit - China-Central Asia Think Tank Forum - Yang Xiaodu on Self-Revolution System

Li Shulei on Building Socialist Cultural Power - Li Keqiang in Cambodia - Xi's Letter to WIC in Wuzhen - More 20th Congress Study Sessions

Xi Visits Joint Ops Command Centre - Food Security Policies - Preparing for COP27 - Li in Cambodia - Wang Yi-Penny Wong Call - 20th Party Congress & Human Rights

Cyberspace White Paper - Foreign Trade Data - Wang Yi on Major-Country Diplomacy - More 20th Congress Study Sessions - Journalists’ Day Reports

China-Tanzania Ties - Germany's Scholz Visits China - Guo Jiping on Opening-Up Policy - Liu He on Expanding Demand & Deepening Supply-side Reform - Wang Yi on Maritime Cooperation & Governance

Pakistan's Sharif's Visit to China - Han Zheng in Singapore - PLA & PAP Study Congress Spirit - Guidelines on CMC's Chairman Responsibility System - China's Road Building - Li on Nuclear Cooperation

Ding Xuexiang on Unity & Struggle - China-Vietnam Joint Statement - Xi Condoles India Bridge Accident - Li Addresses SCO Meeting - Self-Revolution Commentary - Shehbaz Sharif Interview

China-Vietnam Ties - Blinken-Wang Call - Xi Congratulates Lula da Silva - Han Zheng on Chinese-style Modernisation - Li Shulei on 20th Congress Spirit - New Guidelines on Celebrity Endorsements

Central Committee on Studying, Publicising & Implementing 20th Congress Spirit - Key Appointments - China-US Talks - High-quality Development is 'Primary Task' to Build Modern Socialist Country

PBSC Visits Yan'an - State Council Calls for Focus on Policy Implementation - CMC on Implementing Congress' Spirit - Wang Speaks to Russian, Saudi FMs - FDI Data - Foreign Affairs-related Legal Work

How was the CCP Constitution Revised and What are the Revisions? - New Politburo's First Study Session

New Politburo's First Meeting - Full 20th Congress Report - Details on Drafting of the Report - CMC Meeting on Publicising & Implementing Spirit of 20th Party Congress

Xi Meets Armed Forces Cadres - 20th Congress Leadership Selection Process - NPC, State Council, CPPCC's NC Discuss Congress Outcomes - Foreign Trade Data - Foreign Investment Inspections

Xi Chairs Second Meeting of Presidium of Party Congress - CMC Members Back 'Two Establishments' - 仲音 Commentary on Struggle in the New Era

It's all about Xi's 20th Party Congress Speech

Ren Zhongping: Xi 'the backbone for a united struggle'; Xi's thought 'a compass for action' - Reviewing the Past Decade

Praising Xi's Handling of Economy - 仲音 Commentary: Living with the Virus is not an Option - Icelandic Edition of Governance of China - Commemorating Peng Zhen's Birth Anniversary

Xi & Grassroots Formalism - 仲音 Commentary: Dynamic Clearing is 'Sustainable & Must Persist' - China at UNHRC - Pursuing Chinese-style Modernisation

Xi & Grassroots Party-Building - 仲音 Commentary: Persist with Dynamic Clearing despite Challenges - Song Yuehong on New Era's Great Changes

Xi Leads PSC at Beijing Exhibition - Xi as the Helmsman - Ren Lixian Commentaries on Marxism & China's Socialist System - State Council Eases Charges - He Yiting on 'Managing Own Affairs Well'

Podcast Special: Math with CCP Characteristics

20th Congress Election - Delegates 'Must Understand & Implement Xi's Thought' - Wang Yi's UNGA Speech - Ren Lixuan on Xi's Leadership & China's Modernisation - US & Georgia's 'Rose Revolution'

Xi & Armed Forces Reform - Food Security under Xi - State Council on Boosting Investment & Consumption - Wang's Meetings with Lavrov & Borrell - Socialism Beating Capitalism - US & Chile's '9/11 Coup'

Pushing GSI & GDI - Xi & the Three Rurals - Middle East Security Forum - Gates Foundation & GDI - Taiwan Policy Under Xi - The 10 Persistences - Xu Shicheng on US Role in Venezuelan Politics

New Xi Book - Wang Yang on Sinicization of Islam - Wang Yi's Warning on Taiwan - Understanding GDI's Evolution - CPPCC's Goals in New Era - Tian Wenlin on 'US Role in Egypt's Colour Revolution'

Strengthening National Security - Regulations on Managing Leading Cadres - NDRC on August Data - Yang-Patrushev Meeting - Bajwa's Visit - The Two Establishments - Zhang Weiwei: US & Colour Revolutions

Big Focus on Coordinating Development & Security - Xi's SCO Speech - Talent Work in New Era - Disposal of Japanese ACWs

Xi Meets Putin & Central Asian Leaders in Uzbekistan - Xi's Qiushi Article - Li Zhanshu in Nepal - Comprehensively Deepening Reform - China's Nuclear Energy Expansion

Xi's Kazakhstan Visit - China-Kazakhstan Joint Statement - SCO Summit Preview - More Tax Breaks - Foreign Trade & Investment 'Facing Big Pressure' - Qiushi on Xi & Democracy

Xi's Articles in Uzbek & Kazakh Media - 10 Years of Building Law-Based Governance - Pursuing High-Quality Development - What to Expect from SCO Summit?

Politburo Meeting - Li Zhanshu’s Russia Visit - Seed Industry Development

PLA NTC Commander Promoted to General - State Council on Employment, Investment & Reductions - Li Zhanshu at 7th EEF - COVID Controls Tightened - Wang-Amir-Abdollahian Chat - China-Arab States Forum

Chinese-style Modernisation - Foreign Trade Data - Xi's Governance of China - Education & Health Changes - Joint Construction of BRI

Two Establishments Provide China with Helmsman & Compass - Tackling Core Tech Challenge - Pressing BRICS on GDI & GSI - 10 Key Points of Xi's Ecological Civilisation Thought - SkyNet Summary

National Defence Education Guideline - Chen Xi on Two Establishments - Wang Huning on 'Governance of China' - Support for Elderly & China Care Services - '10 Years of Great Changes'

20th Congress set for Oct. 16 - What Makes a Model Civil Servant? - Internet Integrity Development Report - China-Philippines Ties - NPCSC Meeting

Civil Service Development - Xu Bu on GSI - Li on Streamlining Approvals & Delegating Power - Guo Jiping on Chinese-style Modernisation - Liu Yuanchun on Chinese Economy - US Violations in Middle East

State Council Inspections - Li on Low Carbon Devpt - Shanghai's Economy - Internet Civilisation Declaration - Learn from Comrade Yang Yin - China's Role at NPT Review Meeting - CDB Infrastructure Fund

Police Force Flag Anniversary - Employment & Social Security Review - Natural Gas Development Report - Zhong Sheng on US Monkeypox Woes - Jinjiang Experience - Political Consultation

China-ROK Ties - New Book on Xi's Thought on Armed Forces - State Council Signals Greater Support for Economy - Wei Talks GSI at SCO - Xi's Economic Thought - 'Facts' on Pelosi's Taiwan Visit

FDI Data - Wang Yang on Sinicization of Catholicism - Li-Mark Rutte Chat - Employment-First Policy - Cautioning S. Korea - Zero-Covid Policy Shifting? - Common Prosperity & Chinese-style Modernisation

Xi & Poverty Alleviation - Xi & Sustainable Development - Hainan Outbreak - Sichuan Electricity Crisis - China-Africa Ties - Yang Mingjie on Taiwan Crisis

Xi's Northeast Visit - FOCAC Diplomacy - Tibet Counterpart Support Conference - Propaganda Dept. on Core Socialist Values - Zhong Sheng on Taiwan Situation - CCCWS on China's Diplomacy

Top Leadership's Back - Li's Guangdong Visit - China-Japan High-Level Political Dialogue - Taiwan Tensions - Pushback on US' Sub-saharan Africa Strategy - Guo Heping on China's Foreign Aid Policy

Li on Economic Situation - Xi & Energy Security - Cultural Development Plan - Zhong Sheng on US' Taiwan Policy - Policies to Support Childbirth - S&T Innovation Board - AUKUS Criticism

Understanding the New Development Concept - Party’s Leadership & Xi's Core Position - July Economic Data - Outreach to Developing World - US lawmakers visit Taiwan - Warning Japan

Talking up Innovation - Wang Yi Interview on Recent Diplomacy - You Quan on United Front Work - Zheng Jian on Taiwan White Paper

Taiwan White Paper - Projecting Confidence Regarding the Economy - Wang Meets Nepal FM - 'Three Dangerous Trends' on Taiwan - Li Decheng on Sinicisation of Religions - CHIPS Act = 'Techo Terrorism'

Praising Xi's Leadership - Taiwan Drills to Continue - One-China Principle - Overseas Friendship Associations on Pelosi's Visit - Party History Compilation - Wang Yi in Mongolia

Foreign Trade Data - Taiwan Drills - Green Loans - Impact of Tax Easing Policy - Wang Yi's Dhaka Visit - Debt Trap Narrative Pushback

Drills around Taiwan - Wang Yi's Messaging - Targeting 'Taiwan Independence Die-hards' - China's Computational Power - Improving Red vs. Blue Drills - Zhong Sheng on Nuclear Governance

Wang Yi on US' 'Four Fantasies' - Threats to 'Taiwan Independence Die-hards' - Personal Attacks on Pelosi - H1 Economic Data Review

Warnings & Actions Regarding Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan Visit - Manufacturing Industry's Decade of Growth - Commentaries on Xi's Speeches

Armed Forces Study Xi's Speech - Wang Yi in Tajikistan - H1 FDI Data - World Marxist Political Parties Forum - Wang Yiming on Economic Policy - Zhong Sheng on Xinjiang

PLA Anniversary & Xi's Control over the Forces - 12 Musts of United Front Work - Commentary on Xi's Speech to Leading Cadres - Gan Lin on Anti-monopoly & Fair Competition Policies

COVID Situation - CBIRC Briefing - Amb. Lu Kang on China-Indonesia Ties - Article on Core Aspects of China's Ethnic Work - Ning Jizhe on Xi's Economic Thought

Xi's Tibet Visit Anniversary - Li on Economic & COVID Policies - China's Systemic Advantages - Hebei Party Committee's Ode to Xi

MIIT Briefing Summary - 20th Congress: Central Party & State Organs Delegates Elected - China-EU Dialogue - Wang Yi Speaks to Finland's Haavisto

Deep Dive on Xi's Economic Thought - Wang Yi's Chat with Emmanuel Bonne - Taiwan Military Assistance - Zhong Sheng on Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act - Xia Baolong on Xi's HK Speech

Xi's Xinjiang Visit - Wang Yi's Chat with Szijjarto - China's 'Resilient Economy' still Key to Global Growth - Dynamic Clearing ≠ Giving up on Economy

Xi in Xinjiang - H1 Economic Data - Li: Foundation for Economic Recovery still Unstable - Beijing Armed Police' Loyalty - Wang Yi on China's Diplomacy - Speed & Precision Key to Dynamic Clearing

Foreign Trade Data - Employment Situation 'Better' but still 'Daunting' - 'Adhere to Dynamic Clearing' - Liu Jianchao's Nepal Visit - PBOC on Liquidity & Infrastructure Spending

Studying 'Governance of China' - Wang Yi's ASEAN Speech - Auto Sales - He Lifeng on Xi's Economic Thought - Li on Work Safety - RMB Loans - Beijing's Consumption Support - Fu Zhenghua Trial

Li's Fujian Visit - China-DPRK Treaty Anniversary - Human Rights Diplomacy - Special Page on Chinese-style Modernisation - Criticising US' 'Unilateral Sanctions'

Feng Zhongping on NATO & Asia-Pacific - Li: 'Recovery at Critical Point' - Wang Yi meets Jaishankar & Lavrov - Wang's 3 Concerns on Ukraine War - Boosting Auto Consumption

Liu Jieyi on Taiwan Policy - Wang Yi in Philippines - Shenzhen's New Smart Cars Regulation - Environmental Inspections - State Council on Budget Audits

Xi & Environmental Inspections - Li's Requirements from Officials - Tax Easing at RMB 2.58 tln - Yang Jiechi on 4-nation Visit - Wang Yi in Thailand - Subsistence & Development Rights - China-US Talks

Zhong Sheng on NATO's 'Strategic Concept' - Guo Shengkun on Political Construction - Yangtze River Inspection - Lancang-Mekong FMs Meet - 'Three No-Corruptions' - Yang Jiechi in Mozambique

HK Visit Hangover - Yang Jiechi in Zimbabwe - Wang Yi's 'Three Upholdings' for ASEAN - Origins of Chinese Civilisation Project - My Take on a Changing BRICS

Xi's HK Visit - Wang Qishan in Philippines - Historical Confidence - More Financial Support for 'Major Projects' & Infrastructure - Foreign Investment Law Inspections - MND Warns Australia & Canada

Xi on Tech Self-Reliance & Zero-Covid - Two Establishments Provide Guarantee for Self-Revolution - Xuānyán Article on Party's Mission - Yang Jiechi in Pakistan - CPC Membership at 96.71 million

Xi & One Country, Two Systems - Li 'Very Concerned' about Employment - Li Qiang re-elected Shanghai Party Secretary - Ren Ping Commentary on Self-Revolution - Ren Lixuan on the 'Four Greats'

Xi & Hong Kong - BRICS Commentaries - May Industrial Profits - Wang Yi Speaks to Taliban's Muttaqi - New 100-day Police Action

Xi's a 'World-Class Leader' & 'Helmsman' - Praising Shanghai's Development - HK's 25th Anniversary Coverage - Wang Yang on Taiwan Policy

BRICS Summit Special Focus - Building a Digital Government - Review of Financial System's Development - Yuan Jiajun Elected Zhejiang Secretary - Wang Yi: US Must Respond to 'Iran's Reasonable Demands

Xi's BRICS Forum Speech - Commission for Deepening Reform on Data & Payments Companies - Pushing BRICS+ & Dialogue on Global Development - Wang Yi meets New Indian Amb. - Protocols for Online Anchors

BRICS' 'China Moment' - Zhang Siqing's Funeral - He Lifeng on Xi's Economic Thought - John Lee on HK's Future - Xi's Book on Youth

Book on Xi's Economic Thought - Political Consultation Regulations - Feature on Xi's Global Governance Concept - BRICS & GSI - Chinese Perspective on Human Rights

Regulating Cadres' Relatives' Business Dealings - HK's New Cabinet - BRICS Summit Preview - Zhang Hanhui on China-Russia Cooperation at BRICS

Praising Xi's Leadership on Pandemic Containment & Economic Development - Han Zheng on 'Effective Investment' - Shanghai's Tech Deals - WTO Ministerial Commentary - NPCSC Agenda - The Third Carrier

Putin-Xi Call - Xi's Human Rights Article - Economic Data - Wang Yang on Common Prosperity - Han Zheng on Boosting Coal Output - BRICS NSAs Meet - 'Belligerence Part of American DNA'

Employment for Graduates - Opening Up of Nansha District - China's Decade of Industrial & IT Development - Chen Xiaodong on BRICS Expansion - Le Yucheng Shifted to NRTA

Military Ops Other than War - Support for Pvt Sector - Fiscal Reform at Sub-provincial Level - Yang-Sullivan Meeting - Feng Shaolei: US Deliberately Stoking Ideological Confrontation

Letter to Ta Kung Pao - SoE Reform - Green Development along Yangtze River - China-Pak anti-Terror Cooperation - Huang Kunming: Publicise New Era Achievements - Special Report: Seminar on Xi Thought

Sparring at the Shangri-La Dialogue

Xi's Sichuan Visit - Wang Yang on Taiwan - Jan-May Foreign Trade Up 8.3% - NHC's COVID Testing Warning - China Leading in 5G Standards - Direction of Comprehensive Reform - Bio-labs in Ukraine

State Council Reviews Economic Measures Implementation - Interview with Pan Gongsheng - China-Central Asian FMs Meeting + Data Security Deal - Historical Confidence - Training China's Teachers

Xi's Discourses on 'Three Rural Issues' - Li Zhanshu Pitches GSI to CSTO - China's Tech Decade - Zhong Sheng on US' 'Black Prisons' - Patriotic Education & Building World Class Chinese Universities

China-Greece Ties - New Books on Xi's Career - Wang Yi's Interview on Pacific Islands Visit - BRICS Summit Preview - The Significance of the Party's '100-year Struggle'

Guo He Ping: US to Blame for Global Food Crisis - China-Cook Islands Ties - 'Steady Decline' in COVID Cases - CPEC Media Forum

Expedite Economic Measures' Implementation - Ren Lixuan: Amid External Turmoil, Run Internal Affairs Well - New Phase in 'Great Battle to Defend Shanghai' - Wang Yi in Vanuatu - New Era's Achievements

No Thought Like Xi Thought - Xi's Calls to Leaders of Zambia & UAE - Package to Stabilise Economy - Wang Yi on US' China Policy - Yang Jiechi Talks to Jens Plotner - Xi's Qiushi Article

Xi is People's Leader, a Great Figure for Great Times - HK's John Lee in Beijing - Grandpa Xi's Message for Kids - Xi & Sci-Tech Workers - PLA & PAP at 20th Party Congress - Pacific Islands Diplomacy

Human Rights Series - Understanding the New Era - Xu Liping: IPEF is Unsustainable - Shanghai's Economic Recovery Package - Beijing Outbreak 'Effectively Controlled'

Li on Summer Harvest - Zhong Sheng: IPEF an Attempt to 'Politicise, Weaponise & Ideologise Economic Issues' - Wang Yi in Solomon Islands - Xu Bu on Xi's Diplomacy - Wang-Colonna Chat

Xi on Human Rights - Li's Warning - Wang Yang on Combating Separatists - Using Assets & Investment Effectively - Beijing COVID Situation 'Controllable' - NATO Series - Indo-Pacific Pushback

Praising Xi's Leadership on Development & Security - Zhang Weiwei on West's Human Rights Limitations - Zhong Sheng: Japan Acting as US 'Vassal' - Wang-Baerbock Chat - Lashing Out at NATO

Xi's Leadership & Footprints - Public Security Work Review - Measures to Stabilise Economy - Taiwan's WHA Exclusion - Wang on Asia-Pacific & Human Rights - COVID Situation Update - The 'Two Reversals'

Cultural Data Security Standards - Mao & Xi on Art & Literature - Two Committees 两委 Elections - Shanghai COVID Situation - China-Pak Jt. Statement - Wang Attacks Indo-Pacific Strategy - IPEF Launched

BRICS FMs Meet - Zhong Sheng on US Democracy: 'Rich Have, Rich Rule & Rich Enjoy' - Li on Support for Market Entities - Meteorological development Guidelines - Party's Strict Governance

Xi-Marcos Chat - - Li on Stabilising Growth - Zhejiang's Common Prosperity Progress - Yang-Sullivan Call - Wang-Hayashi Meeting - On the Economy: 'Short-term Factors Cannot Affect the Long-term Trend'

Youth in Building a Community with a Shared Future - Wang Yang & Liu He on Digital Economy - Li Qiang Conducts Inspection as Shanghai Cuts off Community Transmission - Luo Yinong as a Role Model

Bad April Data - Li & Sharif Discuss Terror - Wang Yi to Park Jin: 'Oppose Camp Confrontation' - State of the China's Media - Human Rights Diplomacy - Xie Fuzhan on Philosophy & Social Sciences

Xi's Qiushi Article - Yang Jiechi on China's Diplomacy in 2022 - Guidelines for Veteran Cadres - Zhong Sheng Commentary on US' Covid 'Failure'

Xi Congratulates Marcos - On Economy: Think Long-Term, Persistence is Victory & Xi Knows Best - Dynamic Clearing is Effective, Lying Flat is a 'Helpless Choice' - Emphasising the 'Two Establishments'

Xi's Views on Culture - Xi is 'Chief Architect' of China's Diplomacy - Li on Stabilising Employment - Wang Yang: Taiwan Situation 'Uncertain & Unstable' - Russia-Ukraine Conflict a US 'Proxy War'

Xi's CYL Speech - Xi-Macron Call - Wang Qishan in ROK - US-China Business Council Chief's Interview - CSRC's Wang Jianjun on Capital Markets - Indo-Pacific Pushback - Beijing COVID Outbreak

Emphasising Economic Resilience - Zhong Sheng on Chemical Weapons Convention & Solomon Islands Pact - Covid Outbreaks Assessment - Defense Ministry's Briefing - Quad 'Reeks of Military Confrontation'

Worries around Employment & Logistics - Philosophy & Social Sciences Development Plan - Wei Fenghe visits Iran - MoFA on Karachi Attack - Q1 Data: FA Investment in Transport & Current Account Surplus

Building a Modern Infrastructure System - 20th Party Congress Propaganda Campaign - Karachi Terror Attack - Zhong Sheng: China-US-EU Triangle - Sun Lipeng on US' Economic Weakness & 'Selfish Recovery'

Xi Visits Renmin Uni - Yuan Peng on Overall National Security Concept - Xi Congratulates Macron - Guidelines on Unleashing Consumption Potential - Wei Fenghe in Kazakhstan - Maritime Trial Platform

Xi's Election - Wang Yi on Security Initiative & Asia-Pacific NATO - Xi the Reader - Commending Civil Servants - Jiangxi Secretary Yi Lianhong's Article - Seeking a 'Rational & Pragmatic' US Policy

Global Security Initiative - PLA Veterans as Role Models - Han Zheng Backs Clean Coal Use - Wendy Sherman on China - My Brief Take on India, China & the Ukraine War - Regulation on Place Names

Xi's Boao Forum Speech - 20th Party Congress Nominations - State Council on Agriculture & Energy Security - Xinjiang Secretary Ma Xingrui on National Security - Wang Yi's South Caucasus Diplomacy

Commission for Deepening Overall Reform Meets - SASAC Chief on Risks & Gains - MIIT on White List’ System - Shanxi Party Secretary discusses National Security - Le Yucheng Meets Russian Ambassador

Emphasising Economic Resilience - Lawmakers Must Adhere to 'Correct Political Direction' - Cui Hongjian on EU & Ukraine War - Jiangsu Party Secretary on National Security

Q1 Economic Data - Adhere to Pandemic Control Policies - Ukraine War & the 'Need for Common, Comprehensive, Cooperative & Sustainable Security Concept' - Human Rights - National Security Preparedness

Xi on Space Power - Flood Preparation - Resolution 2758 - National Security Education Day - Political Security = Regime & System Security - Covid: 'Persistence is Victory' - China-Vietnam FMs Talk

Xi's Hainan Visit Wrap - Li on Boosting Consumption - Q1 Foreign Trade Data - China's Development Finance Work - Anti-Corruption Struggle - Zhong Sheng on US Human Rights Hypocrisy

Li on Bonds - Zero-Covid a Test of Political Quality - Song Tao Speaks to Boris Gryzlov - China's Horn of Africa Diplomacy - 86% of Special Bond Quota Issued - Aerospace Sector & Digital Economy

Li on Enhancing 'Sense of Urgency' on the Economy - COVID Propaganda - Adhere to Dynamic Zero-Covid in Shanghai - CAC on Regulating Algorithms - China-Djibouti Ties

Xi as 'People's Leader' - Building a National Unified Market - Liang Wannian on Zero Covid Policy - Zhong Sheng: The West is United but Isolated - Central & State Organs' Inspections Begin

Roots of American Hegemony - Zero-Covid is the 'Best Choice' - Wang Yi's Chat with Emmanuel Bonne - Zhong Sheng on US & Human Rights - Employment Situation 'Complex & Severe' - Common Prosperity

State Council on Employment & Price Stability - Wang Yi Speaks to Israeli & Canadian FMs - Liu Zongyi on Afghanistan - Shanghai COVID Outbreak - Zhong Sheng: America's Cold War Mentality

Special Post: Indian Parliament's Discussion on the Ukraine War

Qingming Festival - Shanghai COVID-19 Outbreak - Wang Yi Speaks to Ukrainian and Hungarian FMs - Media Coverage of Bucha Killings

Li on Stable Growth - 'No Policy that Adversely Affects Market Expectations will be Introduced' - Wang Meets Lavrov & Qureshi - Zhong Sheng on US & NATO's Cold War Mentality - Zero-Covid Policy

High-Quality Social Credit System - Wang Yi Speaks to Ignazio Cassis & Josep Borrell - Zhong Sheng: US Using Ukraine as 'Geo-strategic Pawn' - Ren Ping Commentary - New Provincial Chiefs

Xi & Trees - Covid Outbreak: Stick to 'People First, Life First' - Wang Yi's S. Asia Visit - 10 Clears & Two Establishments - New Zhong Sheng Series: US & NATO Expansion to Blame for Ukraine Crisis

Tibet Commentary - Wang Yi's Nepal Visit - Doubling Down on Zero-COVID Strategy - Projecting Confidence in China's Economic Trajectory

Xi at He Luli's Funeral - New Round of Inspections ahead of Party Congress - Li Zhanshu on Implementation of Environmental Laws - Wang Yi's Pakistan Visit Wrap & Surprise Kabul Visit

Guidelines for Martyrs' Commendation Work - Plan for a Modern Energy System - Wang Yi at OIC Meet - SAMR Data on Private Enterprises - Wang Yang in Xinjiang - Coal Key to National Energy Security

MU5735 Crash - History Learning and Education Guidelines - State Council on VAT Refunds & Economic Policy - Wang Yi in Pakistan

Science & Technology Ethics - Five Strategic Advantages - Reducing Iron Ore Import Dependence - Wang Meets Algerian & Tanzanian FMs - Wang on Ukraine War

Xi on COVID Control - Pilot Program on National Resource Assets Management - CAC's Qinglang 2022 - Ideological & Political Education - Zhong Sheng on US Bio-military Labs - MoFA's Responses on Ukraine

Xiplomacy with Indonesia & Turkmenistan - 20th Congress Election in Beijing - Liu He at FSDC Meeting - New Two Establishments Book - Tibet Roads - Omicron Spread - JCPOA - Zhao Lijian on US 'Bullying'

20th Party Congress Progress in Central & State Organs - China's 5 Roads & 5 Strategic Advantages - Economic Data - Wang-Hoekstra Call - COVID - Zhong Sheng: US Bio-military Activities in Ukraine

State Council Discusses Key Tasks - Xi & Two Sessions - Yang-Sullivan Meeting - Zhong Sheng: US, the 'Initiator' - 始作俑者 - of Ukraine Crisis - MoFA on Arms Sales & US' Taiwan Policy

'People’s Leader' Xi at Two Sessions - Paralympics Closing - Yang-Sullivan Meeting - He Yiting on Xi Thought & Two Establishments

CPPCC Endorses Two Establishments - PLA's Wu Qian's Press Engagement - Wang Yi Speaks to French & Italian FMs on Ukraine War - My Take on a Rules-based Maritime Order in the Indo-Pacific

Xi Discusses Ukraine with Macron & Scholz - NPCSC & SPC Work Reports - Wang Yi Speaks to Borrell, Szijjarto & Qureshi

Xi @ PLA & PAP Meeting - Two Sessions Discussions - NPC's Financial & Economic Affairs Committee's Meeting - Wang Yi's Press Engagement on Foreign Policy

Two Sessions - Xi on Food and Social Security - Carbon Emissions: Don't 'Rush for Quick Results' - Who Backs the 'Two Establishments'?

Xi Leads Chinese-style Modernisation - Two Sessions Preview - Sky Net 2022 - Lei Feng - Ukraine War

Sentinels Under the Neon Lights - Carbon Peak & Neutrality - Hu Chunhua on Migrants' Employment - Zhou Qiang on Fengqiao Experience - Guo Shuqing on Debt & Property Sector - Pompeo's Taiwan Visit

Xi's Party School Speech - Wang Yi Talks to Ukraine's Kuleba - Spiritual Civilisation - Horn of Africa Peace Conference - Zhong Sheng on Rebalancing China-US Ties - Xu Qin Backs Two Establishments

Xi Reviews Work Reports - Comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission: Enterprises, Finance, Tech & Talents - Wang Yi on US Ties - 10 Prohibitions for Judicial & Security Staff - US Human Rights Report

New Era Civilization Centers - Xi Leads Chinese-style Modernisation - Zhong Sheng Commentary on Shanghai Communique Anniversary

Culture of Integrity - Financial Units Inspection Finds 'Many Outstanding Problems' - Gov't Expects 'Robust Rigid Housing Demand' - MoFA on Ukraine Crisis - Wang-Lavrov Call - MCC & Nepal

Chen Yixin on Self-Revolution - 10 Clears = Xi Thought = New Leap in Sinicization of Marxism - You Quan Meets Panchen Lama - Russia's War on Ukraine

Ren Lixuan Commentary: Xi as Helmsman & People's Leader - Document No. 1 - Expect More Tax and Fee cuts - New National Pension System

Elderly Care Services Plan - 10 Clears Commentary: Major Country Diplomacy - Ukraine Crisis: Wang-Blinken Call - Sanctioning Raytheon & Lockheed Martin - Zhong Sheng on West's 'Sense of Helplessness'

Olympics Closing Ceremony - New Plan for Veterans - 10 Clears: Building a Strong Armed Forces - Sri Lankan Politicians on China Ties

Xi's Letter to SL Parties - Food Security - 'Xi at Helm Made Historical Leap Possible' - 10 Clears: Reform & Governance - Preparing for CPTPP - Common Prosperity Action Plan - Liu Kun on Fiscal Policy

Xi-Macron Call - People's Diplomacy - 20th Congress Election Commentary - 10 Clears Commentary - National Soil Survey

Li@State Council Meeting - Xi's Qiushi Article - 10 Clears: The Principal Contradiction - Detailing Xi Jinping's Economic Thought - Food Security - Zhang Xiaolian on Two Establishments & Xi & Mao

10 Clears Commentary: Socialist System & Common Prosperity - Governance of Digital Development - China-Mexico Ties

10 Clears Commentary: Party's Leads All & Xi's Core Status a 'Magic Weapon' - Green Consumption Plan - Report on Biden-Putin Call

Carbon Peak & Neutrality Commentary - FDI in China - Gao Feng on Phase-I Deal - My 3Fs Framework for Indo-Pacific

Leveraging the 'Five Olds' - Improving Community Services - Defusing Major Risks - Self-Revolution Tasks - Zhao Lijian on US and Quad

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