Sitemap - 2023 - Tracking People's Daily

Xi Highlights 'Complex & Severe' Challenges at CNSC Meeting - China's NDB Agenda - Beijing's 2025 AI Ambitions - PLA Implements Xi Thought Campaign - Qin Gang Meets Elon Musk

Xi & China's Tech Advancement - Auto Exports Soar - Organization Department as the 'Vanguard to Support the Two Establishments'

China-DRC Ties: Key Developments in Agriculture, Mining & Security Domains - Li Hui's 'Ceasefire' Call Falls Flat

Zhongguancun Forum - US 'Benefitting from Ukraine War' - Chen Wenqing in Russia - China-Africa Ties & GSI - Dual-Gigabit Internet Guideline - China-US Talks

Mishustin Visits China - New Ambassador to US - Wang Huning Visits Xinjiang - Dutch FM Hoekstra Visits Beijing - China-Central Asia Media Forum - US 'Safe Haven' for Corruption Fugitives

Podcast -- BRI@10: Unpacking China's Overseas Finance

Xi Thought Campaign in Foreign Affairs Ecosystem - China-DRC Ties - Chen Xu on Taiwan's WHA Bid - Key Officials on Xi's Thought - G7 a 'Hegemonic Clique' - Tibet Anniversary

Basic Elderly Care System Guidelines - Xi Thought Study Campaign - Zhong Yin on Cultivating Political Ability - Understanding the Community of Shared Future for Mankind - G7 Summit - India-China Ties

Xi's Blueprint China-Central Asia Ties - Xi's Meetings with Central Asian Leaders - Li Hui's Visit to Ukraine - Macau Amends National Security Law - New Report on US' 'Coercive Diplomacy'

Xi's Shaanxi Visit - China-Kazakhstan Joint Statement - Song Tao on China-Taiwan Ties - Zhao Leji Visits Senegal - Lashing out at Japan on G7 Agenda

Wang Huning on Enhancing China's Civilisation's Appeal - Guo Jiping on China-Central Asia Ties - G7 'Destroyer of Int'l Order' - Graduate Employment Woes - China-Japan Hotline

Xi Meets Eritrea’s Afwerki - Understanding Correct View on Political Achievements - Zhong Yin on Building Quality Talent Resources - Wang & Qin Meet Peter Szijjarto

Xi's Hebei Tour - Zhong Yin on China's Demographic & Talent Dividends - Scholars Discuss Chinese-style Modernisation

Ding Xuexiang on Employment Challenges - Wang Yi Meets Jake Sullivan - Pushing Back Against the 'Rules-based Order' - US 'Obstructing Mideast's Tide of Reconciliation' Song Tao Meets KMT Vice Chair

Xi Inspects Xiong’an New Area - The 'Correct View on Political Achievements' - Qin Gang Warns US on Taiwan - Wang Huning: 'Respect, Care & Benefit Taiwan Compatriots' - Railways FAI up 6.3%

Xi & Gig Economy Workers - Foreign Trade Data - Qin Gang's Germany Visit - Preview of China-Central Asia Summit - Japan-ROK Ties - Ministries Implement Xi Thought Campaign

Agenda for China-Central Asia Summit - Qin Gang Meets US Ambassador - Li Shangfu Meets Pak Army Chief - Diversification in Trade Settlement & De-Dollarisation

Breakdown of Qin Gang's Comments at SCO Meeting & Pakistan Visit

May Day Holiday Economic Boost - Encouraging Private Investment in Major Projects - Qin Gang Meets Jaishankar & Lavrov - Criticising US & NATO on Ukraine War - Zhang Jun on S&T Hegemony & Bullying

Qualities of Good Youth 好青年 in the New Era - Performance of Cos Listed on Beijing Stock Exchange - Pushing Back against US on Taiwan Conflict Narrative

Xi & Youth - Qin Gang Visits Myanmar - China-Comoros Ties

Zhong Yin: Youth Must Adhere to CCP Leadership - Qin Gang: No 'Quick Fix' for Myanmar Situation - Mongolia Backs GDI, GSI & GCI

Going on a Break for a Week

Breakdown of New Party Regulations Plan (2023-27) - Q1 Economic Data - Implementation of Xi Thought Study Campaign - GSI at Interpol - Uruguay 'Paying High Attention' to GDI, GSI & GCI - G7 Communique

New China Studies Fellowship - Xi Thought Study Campaign for the United Front - Qin Reaches out to Israel & Palestine - Hubei & Ningxia Secretaries on National Security - Laos Backs GDI, GSI & GCI

Studying Xi Thought - Hebei & Shandong Secretaries Discuss National Security - MoFA on Sudan Violence - China-Gabon Ties

Xi Meets Brazil's Lula da Silva - China's Policy on Afghanistan - Baerbock's Visit & China-EU Ties - National Security Education Day - State Council Focuses on Employment

Key Messages from Xi's Guangdong Visit - PLA Focuses on War Preparedness - Q1 Foreign Trade Data - Qin Discusses Afghanistan in Uzbekistan - Implementing GSI with Ethiopia

Xi Inspects STC Navy - New PLA Recruitment Regulations - Han Zheng Meets Intel Chief - China & Australia Resolve Barley Dispute - Afghanistan Position Paper - Questioning US Bio-military Activities

Xi in Guangdong - China-Brazil Ties - Pushing back on US Democracy Summit - Why China is Always Going to be a 'Developing Country' - CPI & PPI Data

Podcast on GDI, GSI & GCI - More Books on Xi Thought - New Round of Inspections Set to Begin - Railways Fixed-Asset Investment in Q1 at $16.53 billion - Lashing out at AUKUS

Macron-Xi Informal Meeting - China-France Joint Statement - Regulating Unmanned Aircraft - Support for Foreign Trade & College Grads - 'Countermeasures' Following Tsai's US Visit

Xi Meets Macron & Von der Leyen - New Xi Thought Outline for Study Campaign - Iran-Saudi Deal in Beijing - Lashing out at Tsai's US Transit - Impact of 'Tech Hegemony' on Human Rights

Xi Thought Study Campaign - China's NGO Diplomacy at UNHRC - Golden Dragon 2023 Drills End - US Sanctions' Impact on Global Human Rights

Xi Planting Trees - Li Qiang Speaks to Mishustin - China-Indonesia High-level Dialogue - Zhong Sheng on US Democracy Summit

Xi on Campaign to Study Xi's Thought - Wang Yi Meets Arroyo - MoFA on Tsai's Visit to US

Politburo Study Session Discusses Xi Thought Campaign - Japanese FM Visits China - Understanding the Global Civilization Initiative

New Xi Thought Study Campaign - Li Qiang's BFA Outreach - Zhong Sheng on US Defense Budget - ILD Chief Speaks at United Russia Meet on Neo-Colonialism - IPR Courts Report

Li Qiang on Hainan FTP - Han Zheng Meets MNC Heads - Pushing back on US COVID-⁠19 Origin Act - The '3 Paradoxes' of US' Indo-Pacific Strategy - Ren Lixuan on China's COVID Containment 'Miracle'

Li Qiang Meets Foreign CEOs - Inspections Target 30 SoEs, 5 Financial Institutions & Sports Authority - China-Honduras Ties - Qin Gang Speech at China Development Forum - Report on US Human Rights

Portraying Xi as a Global Statesman - Qin Gang on China's Foreign Policy Direction - Competing on Values & Democracy - Wang Yi Briefs Emmanuel Bonne on Xi's Russia Visit - Shen Yiqin on Employment

China-Russia Ties 'A Friendship between Gentlemen' (君子之交) - 10 Years of Concept of Community with a Shared Future for Mankind - Li Qiang on Boosting High-end Manufacturing

Xi-Putin Talks & Deals - Breakdown of China-Russia Joint Statement - Li Xi's Hubei Investigation Tour - Support for Soybean Producers

Xi in Russia - Sky Net 2023 Launched - New Report Criticising American Democracy

Xi & Putin's Articles Ahead of Bilateral Meeting - Work Plan on Research & Investigation - Jan-Feb FDI at RMB 268.44 billion

Xi Announces Global Civilisation Initiative - Xi's Article on Building a Strong Agricultural Country - PLA & PAP Called to Support 'People’s Leader' Xi

Praising Xi's NPC Work - Li Qiang's First State Council Meeting - China-Indonesia Ties - New Party Chiefs for Hunan, Anhui & Hainan

Xi's NPC Speech - New State Council Line-up - Iran-Saudi Deal Analysis

Xi Unanimously Re-elected - Chen Xi on Selection Criteria for State Leaders - Wang Huning on 'Peaceful Reunification' - China Wants Tech Self-reliance & Open Cooperation

Xi Meets PLA & PAP Delegation - NPC's Financial and Economic Affairs Committee on 2023 Development Plan - Wang Huning Meets HK & Macau Advisors - China 'Open' to Visit by Raimondo

NPCSC Work Report - Details of Party & State Institutional Reform Plan - Qin Gang's Press Conference on Foreign Policy - Weak Trade Data for Jan-Feb Period

Decoding Xi's Message for the Private Sector - Xi warns of Increasing & Severe Challenges Ahead - Tan Kefei on PLA Budget Priorities - PBSC Members' Engagements at Two Sessions

Li's Work Report - Xi on Securing Rice Bowl & Manufacturing - Leading Cadres Bow to Xi's Leadership & Two Establishments - Defense Budget Hike - Foreign Sanctions Law

Xi Tells Party Schools to Focus on Marxism & Morality - Xi-Lukashenko Meeting - Mobilising Support for Party & State Institutional Reform - Warning on NATO's Asian Outreach - Nord Stream Probe Call

2nd Plenum Communique - Finance & Tech Sector Institutional Reform Likely - Qin Gang to Visit India - Warning US on Taiwan

Xi & the Party School - How Xi's Two Sessions Engagements Shape Policy - 2522 Framework for Digital Development - COVID Victory Celebration - Zhong Sheng: USG a 'Lie-Manufacturing Machine'

Xi, the People's Leader - Guidelines on Legal Education & Research - Global Significance of Chinese-style Modernisation - Lukashenko to Visit China - PBOC's Quarterly Report

Ukraine Position Paper - Lei Feng Spirit - Li Xi's CCDI Work Report - Military Financial Work Guideline - Wang Optimistic on EU Ties - 'Major Decisive Victory' in COVID Fight

Xi on Basic Research & Tech Self-Reliance - Wang Yi in Russia - Qin Gang in Indonesia - More Support for Enterprises - Report on 26th AU Summit - Demand for Nord Stream Blast Probe

2nd Plenum: Party & State Institutions Reforms on the Anvil - China's Big Data Industry @1.57 tln RMB - Qin Gang on GSI - Yu Jianhua on Customs Agenda - Aim for 10k 'Little Giants' by 2023

GSI Concept Paper - Jan FDI @$19.02 bn - Cai Qi on Xi Thought & Chinese-style Modernisation - HuanYu Ping on Cold War Thinking in Munich - Qin-Cleverly Talks - Report on US Hegemony

Wang Yi at Munich Security Conference - China-US Ties - Zhao Peng's Dual Circulation Deep Dive

Document No. 1 Breakdown - Use of AI in Militaries - Shi Taifeng Meets Panchen Lama - Wang Yi's Meetings with Baerbock & Scholz - Wang-Bilawal Meeting

PBSC Claims COVID Victory - China-Iran Joint Statement - Wang Yi in France & Italy - Balloon Politics - Solar Energy Boost - US Gun Violence - MoFA on NATO & Nord Stream - Rural Corruption Crackdown

Xi-Raisi Meeting - Zhong Haiping on Building a Maritime Community with a Shared Future - Li Shulei at BRI Media Forum: Build Consensus & Boost Confidence

The Six Relationships Key to Chinese-style Modernisation - Raisi on China-Iran Ties - China-Cambodia Joint Statement - Zhong Sheng on US' 'Hegemonic Policies'

China's Modernisation a 'New Form of Civilisation' - Another COVID Wave 'Unlikely' - Fiji PM meets Chinese Amb. Amid Frictions - Li's Outreach to UK Businesses - MoFA on Drug Abuse in the US

Interpreting Xi's Speech on Chinese Style-Modernisation - Central SoEs Investment Priorities - MoFA on Biden's SOTU & US Sanctions on Syria

Xi's Speech on Chinese-style Modernisation at Central Party School

Emphasising the Two Establishments - New Guidelines on Quality Development - Cui Hongjian on EU-US Tussle over Inflation Reduction Act - My Take on Great Power Competition in the Indo-Pacific

MOFCOM on Trade & Investment - Industrial Tech Development in Hubei - Zhong Sheng's Unsolicited Advice to US Allies - Qin's Outreach to Japan - Qin-Cavusoglu Call

Politburo Meeting on the Economy - Registration-based IPO Reform - Zhong Sheng: US-China Decoupling 'Unrealistic' - Pei Jinjia on Veterans Affairs Work

Xi's Article on Self-Revolution - 2022 Tax Breaks @4.2 trillion RMB - Zhong Sheng on Need for China & US to Work Together - IMF Raises China's GDP Forecast to 5.2%

2022 Economic Review - Holiday Spending - Qin Gang's Chats with Saudi, Dutch & Argentine FMs - COVID Situation

Paper: China’s Global Security Initiative: Undermining US Alliances or Quest for a New Security Architecture?

Xi's New Year Address & Qin's Chats with Afghan & Indonesian FMs

CMC's Top Brass Emphasise PLA's Combat Readiness - Xi's NPC Election - Green Development White Paper - Zhao Yide on Shaanxi's Priorities - COVID Cases Peak But Still a Challenge for Rural Areas

COVID Policy Change 'The Right Choice' - Sichuan's 2023 Agenda - Foreign Investment in R&D - Wang Xiaohong Wants Police's Political Loyalty - New Year Online Rectification Campaign - New PLA General

2022 Economic Data - Liu He's Davos Speech - Chongqing's Economic Agenda - Wang Huning on 'Comprehensive & Strict Governance' of Religion - Li Keqiang Calls for Energy Supply Expansion

Xi: CPC Leadership is 'Fundamental Political Foundation of Multi-party Cooperation' - Guangdong's 2023 Agenda - Wang-Bonne Chat & China's Ties with EU-NATO - Qin Gang in Egypt

Qin Gang's Visits to Benin, Angola & Egypt - Shandong Party Chief on 2023 Economic Work - Xinjiang Propaganda via Foreign Diplomats - New Guideline to Develop Data Security Industry

Li Signals Support for Private Enterprises & Platform Economy - 'Double Support' Work - China-Angola Ties - Pushing RMB Use For Trade - India-China & the Global South

Senior Leaders Study Xi's CCDI Speech - Expanding BRI's Circle of Friends - Qin Gang in Africa: Oppose 'Hegemonic, High-handed, Bullying' - CPC Delegation visits Bangladesh

CCDI Plenum Communique - Qin Gang's Visit to Bangladesh & Ethiopia - Chen Yixin on Social Governance & Political Security - Attracting FDI - Chinese Enterprises' Global Image

Xi on Strengthening Party's Strict Governance - Wang Xiaoping: Graduate Employment 'Top Priority' - Qin Gang Speaks to Russian, Pak & ROK FMs - US-EU Tug-of-War over Inflation Reduction Act

CCDI Plenary Preview - Overview of Work Related to Strict Party Governance - Xu Lejiang on Boosting Private Sector Confidence - Yunnan Secretary Wang Ning: Xi Deserves to be Helmsman

Announcement: Introducing New Subscription Options

CPEC in Focus during Li-Sharif Call - Maintaining Energy Supplies for Winter - Ni Hong Signals More Property Sector Support - Zheng Shanjie on Anhui's Development

Xi-Marcos Meeting - State Council on Food, Energy and Price Stability ahead of CNY - Cai Qi Calls for Xi Thought Propaganda - Sun Shaocheng's Warning on Inner Mongolia Corruption Crackdown

Soil & Water Conservation Guideline - 2022's Propaganda & Ideological Work - Liu Kun Interview - Boosting Domestic Demand - Zhong Sheng Attacks Western Media - Wang Xiaohui on Sichuan's Development

Minister Jin Zhuanglong on 2023 Industrial Economy Agenda - China-Philippines Ties - 2023 Fiscal Policy Priorities - Fujian Party Secretary Zhou Zuyi's Ode to Xi

New Era & 2022 Recap - Xi's People's Leader & Helmsman - China Hitting 'Fast Forward Button on Economic Recovery' - 仲音 Commentary on COVID: Focus on Medical Services & Drugs